At Goomeri State School P-10 our curriculum focuses on attaining a high level of literacy and numeracy for all our students through a wide range of available subjects. The benefits of having both primary and secondary staff at the one campus include the opportunity for specialist teachers to teach in the lower years, as well as the physical resources, such as the Science Laboratory, being shared across the school. Our school will continue to implement the new National Curriculum (ACARA) into our classrooms and is utilising the Education Queensland Curriculum to the Classroom (C2C) resources to maximise the educational benefit for our students
The Goomeri State School P-10 Community, has identified six key priorities for the school:
1.   Literacy & Numeracy
“Reading Club” is the focus of Goomeri’s literacy improvement agenda. It is based on a collaborative strategic reading approach and is implemented in three one hour reading blocks for all students in Prep to year 10. When delivering this initiative each teacher is supported by another teacher and / or a teacher aide. The HOC attends at least one “Reading Club” lesson with each class each week. The “Reading Club” initiative continues to be successful, demonstrated by improved student results in NAPLAN and PAT-R.
“Torture Time”, “Mental Maths” and “Speed & Accuracy” are Goomeri’s numeracy initiatives. Numeracy improvement is being measured through data collected from these initiatives, NAPLAN (Numeracy) and PAT-M. Analysis of this data indicates whole school, class and individual student improvement in basic numeracy skills. This data is collected daily providing short term teacher feedback, while class / whole school data is collected and analysed each term.
2.     Academic Aspiration
A focus of Goomeri’s HOC is to continue educating students, parents and the community with respect to the importance of education, work ethic and attendance.
The HOD supported staff re student non-submittal of work / assignments – HOD follows up with students and parents (when required) to ensure satisfactory completion of work. This process continues to increase student work completion rates with a significant reduction in the number of secondary students not being rated each term due to non-completion of work. The quality of work is also improving.
3.     Engagement & Behaviour
Goomeri is a “School Wide Positive Behaviour Support” school. The Student Council identified suitable semester rewards for the P-3 and 4-10 cohorts. The HPE teacher’s playground duty centered on the organisation of lunchtime activities; resulting in continued reductions in lunch incidents.
Each term the HOC collates a secondary assessment guide and contacts parents to ensure it has been brought home. “Homework Club” is conducted, one afternoon a week, to assist students with the completion of work / assignments. Although attendance at “Homework Club” fluctuates this service is being utilised by enough students each week to make it a valuable / viable exercise.
Individual Learning Plans have been developed / updated for all students requiring them. Students requiring assistance are identified by classroom teachers and are referred to the “Special Needs Committee”, with supporting data, where assistance for the student is organised. Flexible teacher aide staffing is used to provide in class support.
4.     Early Years
Goomeri’s “Get Set for Prep” has been running for 3½ years. This program fills a void in the Goomeri Community as there is no kindergarten or child care. Students are being prepared for the start of prep socially and basic literacy / numeracy activities are being conducted. This group is organised through “Playgroup Queensland” and parents attend.
Goomeri’s ‘Speech Language Program” is a P-3 priority. Teacher aides have been trained (training ongoing) and work with identified students (Special Needs Committee) each day to deliver this program
5.     Data
Data is used by teachers to track student performance and reflect on the effectiveness of teaching programs. The HOC leads whole school decision making regarding data collection and analysis at school, class and individual student levels.
6.     Student Well-Being
TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) is a school based program focusing on resilience, leadership development, team work and career planning.
Last reviewed 12 February 2020
Last updated 12 February 2020